Lady Peaceseekers
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This question is for all of the Lady Peaceseekers!  Where do strong women go to be weak?  Please comment on the poem below:

Where Do Strong Women Go To Be Weak?

Where do strong women go to be weak?

Do they hide between tear drenched sheets?

Or behind apple martini’s and salsa beats?

Do they cower in the dark, waiting for a spark of renewal to fill their hearts?

Do they sit in Sister Circles reading prose and sharing woes?

Where do strong women go to be weak?

Do they retreat to a place deep within, burying yet another sin, praying for strength to rise again?

Do they shop till they drop, waiting to mop up another mess as streams of damaged credit form a cesspool of regret?

Do they run to the arms of a lover, hoping to discover the key to end their misery, to set them free from the indignity of being weak?

Where do strong women go to be weak?

LeSette M. Wright © 1997


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